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Man, you’re going to love this next gift idea! Why? Because it ticks all the right boxes. Who’s it good for? Gee, I’m so glad you’re asking all the right questions.  :clap: Seriously though, the Solowheel would be great for birthdays, Christmas, fathers and even mothers day presents, as long as they’re not too fragile that is. I wouldn’t give it to an older person who is likely to break a hip were they to fall over from riding their new toy.

Then again it’s more than just a toy, and more expensive than your normal toy too. You’re probably wondering what the Solowheel is and in as few words as possible, it’a a people mover. But it’s more fun than a car. Way more fun than a bike and almost gets as many stares as some guy driving a Ferrari. Heck, who am I kidding, you probably get more stares riding a Solowheel than if you were driving a Ferarri. I always thought that the Segway would be the fun way to get around but that was before I saw the Solowheel.

The reason for all the stares is because people usually don’t see anyone riding a Solowheel which is sort of a unicycle, but without a seat and even better, it’s electric. Wow, a real green way to get to where you want to go, as long as it’s within the 12 mile radius of the battery capacity. It’s so small though that you could easily ride it to the bus or train station and then on to work.


What I really love though is the Fun part of it. I can just imagine how many people are going to stare at you as you’re wheeling on by. Heck, they’re probably going to ask you for a go themselves.

Solowheel Review

Naturally the best reviews you can get is from people who have actually bought and use the Solowheel. You could go into a store and ask a salesman, if you could find a store that sold one that is, but salespeople are usually so interested in selling things they tend to, lets just say over embellish things. That being the case read on to see what actual Solowheel owners think of this fun way to get around.

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The next link explains exactly how a Solowheel works.


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