Megir quartz watchSometimes when buying a gift the one thing holding you back is the price. You want your gift to look impressive. You want it to have that ‘wow’ factor but you just don’t have the cash. That’s why the Megir quartz watch makes such a great gift idea.

The Impressive Megir quartz watch

The Megir quartz watch certainly looks the part. It’s stylish, and the genuine leather band really sets it off . I know that by just looking at it you’re thinking its out of your price range. But what if I was to tell you, that as of writing this post, it’s on special for a crazy price of under $30! I know, crazy right.

They haven’t skimped on putting the Megir quartz watch together either. It has a stainless steel casing and real quartz movement. The glass is made of Hardlex which is extremely scratch resistant.

It’s even water resistant to up to 30 meters as long as you don’t press any of the buttons whilst under water. If you’re looking for the most accurate stop watch then you can’t go past the Megir quartz watch. the three dials you see within the watch face represent minutes, seconds and micro seconds. On the right you have the calendar window.

I’ve checked into the seller’s credentials and he has a 98.9% approval rating which is bloody exceptional. 128 buyers of the Megir quartz watch were so impressed with their purchase that they left a positive review. Well, I think the reviews are all positive as I didn’t go past the first couple of pages. ;) I can tell you that as far as star ratings go this stunning watch received 4.9 out of 5  which just 1 point short of being perfect.

So, if you’re looking to buy that perfect gift then you can go past the incredible Megir watch. Shit, at that price you could get yourself one as well.

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