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In this modern world of technology of ours it’s not at all surprising that we consider giving our parents an iPad for their birthday. This is especially true as they hit their sixtieth or seventieth birthday as it’s a pretty big milestone and we generally want to go that extra mile by getting something extra special. So, why shouldn’t we get them an iPad?  After all, it’s the latest in technology, it allows them access to the World Wide Web opening up so many social sites to them like FaceBook and Twitter. Of course being limited to only 140 characters on Twitter may be a bit of a challenge for some of the old folk.  :tongue:

Another great positive for the iPad is that it’s made by Apple and everybody knows how good Apples are. I’m sure you’ve heard more than once from the old folks how an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?  :crazy:

Before I list pros and cons on getting your parents or even grandparents and iPad2 I want you to watch the following video.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy your Dad an iPad2

While it’s obvious that the video was meant to be funny it does portray a very important question. Will the person you’re thinking of buying the iPad for know how to use it? If they have trouble working their VCR or DVD I reckon it’s a sure bet that using their new iPad as a cutting board probably won’t be too far from the truth.  :whistle:

Truthfully, that is the only con that I can think of for not buying them an iPad but you can easily turn it into a ipad2 as a giftpositive. How? By spending time with them showing them how to make the best use of it. The worst thing you could do is to just buy it for them and expect them to know how to use it. Do they even have access to the Internet? I bet you they don’t so don’t even think about giving them an iPad without organising internet access for them.

Giving your parents an iPad can be a great bonding experience if you do it correctly, but please remember that you need to have a lot of patience as they learn to grasp their new technological marvel. It’s the least you can do considering all the patience they expressed raising you.  :hairout: Something else you can show them is how easy it is to install apps and help to install those that you know will be of interest to them. One that my father in-law love is the Instagram app because it helps him to keep up with what the grand kids are doing and they love the fact that their grandfather is joining the technological age. Speaking of apps, what apps do you think your parents would enjoy and what part of the iPad do you think would appeal to them the most?

If you follow these simple steps you’ll find the iPad will make a great gift and it’s not just for the young of today. You will find some of the features of the latest iPad2 as well as some great reviews further down in the post.

Other places where you’ll be able to buy the iPad include:

  1. ebay
  2. Kmart
  3. Sears
  4. Newegg.com
  5. Target.

Man. that’s what I love about the Internet, you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your own home. No need to put up with push salesmen, you just find the right deal and make your purchase. Just make sure you allow enough time for delivery.

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