There are many gifts that you could buy from the cheapest mundane one to the most outrageously expensive one. For the   Gifts Guru first post I thought I would write about what I think is the most outrageously expensive gift that I have ever come across. This is something that ladies would purchase for their loved one or something that a bloke would buy for himself just because he’s got the cash to burn and no-one else ever would.

I’m talking about a teeny weeny small bottle of perfume by Clive Christian Imperial Majesty perfume. So, tell me guys, how much would you expect to pay for a 16.9 oz bottle of exquisite perfume? A hundred bucks? Two hundred bucks perhaps? Try $435,000! Unbelievable isn’t it? Sure it comes in a hand crafted Bacarrat crystal bottle, complete with a 5 carat brilliantly cut diamond, but for when you pay for that sort of money for perfume you would expect the best wouldn’t you? Shit, I could think of two things that I would insist should be part of the diamond encrusted crystal package.

  1. It would come with a money back guarantee so if said women do not swoon you would get your money back.
  2. The Lynx effect. You know, like the commercial where women swoon at your feet. You know, sort of like the effect on the woman in the following Lynx commercial.

Perfume Or Sexy Lynx Fountain Commercial?

Anyway, let’s have a look at the actual product and some of the reviews on Amazon. I reckon this would have to be one of the few times that the Amazon reviews are pretty well all tongue in cheek. :cool:

List Price: unavailable
Sale Price: Too low to display.
(as of 02/16/2019 05:08 UTC - Details)

Availability: unspecified

Product Description

No description available.


No features available.

out of 5 based on ratings. 109 user reviews

So, what do you reckon? That would make for a pretty cool gift wouldn’t it? I heard it even gets delivered in s Rolls Royce! If any of you are ever lucky enough to get this as a gift I expect you to come back and tell us all about it, Rolls Royce and all.


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