Jewellery As A Gift

My last post showed you the stunning Swarovski Crystal Elements ring. Women love the ring because of it’s beauty and because they love receiving jewellery as a gift. What woman wouldn’t want to wear a beautiful ring to accessorise their outfit. The fact that the ring uses the much sought after Swarovski crystals only accentuates it’s beauty. Men love giving that ring as a great gift idea partly because they know the lady of their affection will love it and partly because it doesn’t create a huge void in their bank account.

This brings me to todays post, the second of a series of posts of exquisite jewellery gift ideas. I picked this next gift idea because I found the Regal Style Swarovski Elements Crystal Necklace absolutely beautiful. Some of the descriptive phrases describing the necklace below include.

  • “…most beautiful crystal necklace I bought so far”
  • “….it is absolutely breathtaking”
  • “….Absolutely gorgeous”
  • Just beautiful jewerly


As you can see it got great reviews, and no wonder, check out the image of it and judge for yourself. Read the rest of this entry

Swarovski Crystal Elements Ring

Carnevale Sterling Silver Swarovski Elements


I’ve had a few people contact me saying they love my great gift ideas but that the last few were a bit out of reach, cost wise. I totally sympathise with them too and I apologise. It’s just that I do get a little carried away when I come across something that I know would make a great gift. This post will address that issue and is all about Swarovski Crystal Elements. I’ve chosen Swarovski Crystal Elements because everyone knows that Swarovski are very well known for the extremely high quality of their crystals.

In case you haven’t heard the phrase Swarovski Crystal Elements and are wandering if they are actually as good as Swarovski Crystals? The answer is yes! They’re merely Swarovski Crystals that have been created for sale to jewellers and others so they can create their own exquisite designs using the beautiful Swarovski crystals to inspire them.

This means there will be a lot of Swarovski Crystal Elements inspired jewellery out there so you can expect quite a few of these posts. This being the first of them.

Swarovski Crystal Elements Ring

Swarovski Crystal Elements Ring


As you can see from the above design the Carnevale Sterling Silver Swarovski Elements ring is an exquisite peace of jewellery. One that would make the perfect gift no matter what the occasion. I won’t post any product description or history of this beautiful ring as you can get all that from Amazon by simply clicking on the ‘more information’ icon below.

What I can tell you is that you can buy other beautifully designed matching Swarovski Crystal Elements jewellery. What a great idea for future gift ideas. We all know how much women love to accessorise and what could be better than a matching set of jewellery? Take the Carnevale Sterling Silver Colored Hoop Earrings with Swarovski Elements for example. Read the rest of this entry

Best Valentines Gift For Him

I got an email yesterday from one of my readers asking why I didn’t include what gift to buy for the guys in my  last post about the perfect Valentines gift. Oops, my bad!  :peekaboo: What can I say except that I’m a typical Aussie bloke and for us it’s more about the women. Heck, I don’t remember ever getting a Valentines gift and I sure as hell don’t feel like I’m missing out either. I know better than not give one to the wife though because if I did I’d be paying for it in one way or another  :tongue:

One thing for sure is that most guys I know don’t want flowers so forget getting him roses. Some guys may like chocolate but getting Chocolate as a Valentines gift is not something I would recommend. Too wimpish for my taste, but heck if you think your guy would love it then you go for it girl.

 What Is The Best Valentines Gift For Him

So, what is the best Valentines gift for him? This all depends on how well you know your guy. Some people know without thinking what to get because they are so tuned in to the person they love. Others, and it may not be their fault as their other half may not be the sort to show their innermost feelings, may need to try to subtly extract from them what it is they need or want. I explained how to do this in my post about being a Gift Detective. Read the rest of this entry