I know that even though this post is going to recommend the Canon PowerShot as a great Christmas gift there is going to be heaps of folk out there who will disagree with me. Not because the Canon PowerShot isn’t a great camera, which it is, but because they feel the smartphone’s photo taking capabilities is enough. As a Smart Phone owner I can tell you that the smartphone capabilities just doesn’t cut it when it comes to taking real good quality images. How can it when it doesn’t have the same quality lens. Shit, when you think about it you can hardly see the lens  :tongue:

Canon PowerShot 30x Optical Zoom

What the Canon Powershot has the all smartphones lack is a 30x Optical Zoom! That’s not digital zoom but a pure optical zoom. Its lens is as good as a 24-720mm in 35mm format SLR camera. What’s even better is that you can use it while taking videos.

Another plus for the camera is its compact size. Yet even though it is rather compact it pack a whole heap of features. I’ve already mentioned the zoom capability of its lens but it has so much more to offer.  Read the rest of this entry

I first wrote about the GoPro way back when I included it in some great Valentine Gift Ideas. Although in that post I recommended the GoPro HERO3. For this post however I’m going to recommend the GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition. Why am I recommending an older version of the GoPro camera? A very good question, and the answer is because this particular camera has more positive customer reviews than the newer version.

I don’t know about you but I never go out and buy the latest product on the market, it doesn’t matter if it’s a camera or the latest PlayStation. The reason being that there are times when those products are faulty and it’s not until the next edition that the bugs have been ironed out.

Well, after reading the reviews on the newer GoPro I’ve decided to go for the GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition! The reviews on the GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition are more positive and include people who have only recently purchased the camera. Read the rest of this entry

Man, you’re going to love this next gift idea! Why? Because it ticks all the right boxes. Who’s it good for? Gee, I’m so glad you’re asking all the right questions.  :clap: Seriously though, the Solowheel would be great for birthdays, Christmas, fathers and even mothers day presents, as long as they’re not too fragile that is. I wouldn’t give it to an older person who is likely to break a hip were they to fall over from riding their new toy.

Then again it’s more than just a toy, and more expensive than your normal toy too. You’re probably wondering what the Solowheel is and in as few words as possible, it’a a people mover. But it’s more fun than a car. Way more fun than a bike and almost gets as many stares as some guy driving a Ferrari. Heck, who am I kidding, you probably get more stares riding a Solowheel than if you were driving a Ferarri. I always thought that the Segway would be the fun way to get around but that was before I saw the Solowheel. Read the rest of this entry