This next gift is for someone who loves to turn heads. This could be because he dresses really well or simply because he loves to stand out in the crowd. In a sense you could say he’s a bit of a trend setter. If that’s the case then I have the best gift for the trendsetter male in your life. This could be your father, who is still yound at heart, your brother, husband or even boyfriend. The best thing is although it looks fantastic it won’t send you broke.

I’m talking about a watch, but not your everyday watch. Nope, I’m talking about a Flud watch! Weird name isn’t it? But the guys at Flud are well known for designing stuff that make special gifts. Which I why I chose them for the best gift for the trendsetter. Just take a look at the image below. Read the rest of this entry

Fishfinder Digital Watch

Have you ever been stumped about what sort of gift to buy someone because you feel they have everything they need? Well, I’m here to tell you that as far as I’m concerned it’s impossible for anyone to have everything that this great world of ours has to offer. We just need to take the time to¬†analyse¬†all the possibilities available.

Take the humble watch for example. Almost everyone owns a watch right? If that’s the case why would we even bother getting them one as a gift? The reason is because there are so many types of watches out there we’re bound to find one to suit as the perfect gift. In fact, I’ve even started a ‘Watch’ category for people specifically looking for watches as a gift.

Fishfinder Digital Watch Review By Amazon

Just to start us off on the gift giving watch track I’m going to introduce you to the GSI Super Quality Outdoor Fishfinder Digital Watch. This watch is perfect for the angler and I chose it specifically because it is affordable and because it received high reviews from it’s owners. Read the rest of this entry