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Buying Gifts Online Tips

Buying gifts online can give the buyer great savings. Sites like Amazon, eBay and even The Gift Store, also offers customers a greater selection of product. Products they may not find in their local shops and department stores.

When buying gifts online there are certain factors buyers should be aware of.

Buying Gifts Online Tips

Buying Gifts Online Tips #1

Time is always a factor when buying gifts online. Always make sure you check how long it will take for your gifts to arrive and add on a couple of weeks for good measure. It’s better to have your gift come early rather than not getting it on time.

When buying gifts for Christmas and special occasions I always shop months in advance. I’d rather have the gifts arrive early rather than have the stress of wondering whether or not my gifts will arrive in time.

Buying Gifts Online Tips #2

Before actually buying your gift online you should always check customer reviews. Where possible I only post products that have good reviews to make it easier for you.  Thumbup:

While both eBay and AliExpress, which is where I get all my products for my Gift Store, are reputable online stores they can be prone to unscrupulous sellers who have no qualms about ripping off their customers. Both sires have introduced a customer feedback option to help buyers so they’re not scammed by these wankers.

It is important that you only purchase gifts from sellers with a good customer feedback rating. I never buy stuff from sellers who have a customer rating below 90%. It’s also a good idea to check any feedback on delivery times.

Buying Gifts Online Tips #3

Buying from established sellers is always a good idea. It’s a lot safer to buy from someone who has been around for years rather than someone who’s only just started selling stuff.

As long as you keep those tips in mind before purchasing any gifts online you should be relatively safe. If you have any other tips that will help gift buyers online shopping experience feel free to leave a comment.\


Why are you interested in the best Fathers Day gift? Because you love your dad right? If he’s anything like my dad, and I’m sure he is, he’s always been there when you needed him. At the time any advice he had given may not have sat well with you but in the end he was always right. Over time you learned that he always had your best interest at heart. Besides, you love him because he’s your dad. As to what makes the best Fathers Day gift, that all depends on what type of dad he is. This is where you need to become like a gift detective as I described in the post called How To Buy The Perfect Gift.

Naturally being your dad makes the job a hell of a lot easier than having to buy something for someone who you don’t know that well. Ask yourself, what sort of dad is he?

  • Is he a DIY dad.
  • Sporty dad
  • Gadget dad
  • A typical hobby dad
  • A Media Mogul
  • Trendy Dad

Once you’ve answered that question you half way to getting your dad the best Fathers Day Gift. For the purpose of this post we’re going to be looking at the best Fathers Day gift for your everyday DIY type of father. I’ll be discussing the other types of fathers in future posts.

Best Fathers Day Gift For The DIY Dad

I personally think that the best gift you can give a DIY dad is a cordless drill. Mine’s almost had its day and I know that’s what I would love as a Fathers Day gift. Cordless drills make jobs around the house so much easier, and the DEWALT DCD760KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion drill looks like it would do the job. Not as cheap as some you’ll find on the market but then at least you know it’s not going to fail him when he really needs it. Read the rest of this entry

Valentine Gift Ideas

With Valentines Day only a couple of weeks away now is the time to start thinking about the perfect Valentine Gift for your loved one. This is especially true if you’re thinking about getting it online because you have to allow some time for delivery. Always make sure they can deliver the gift on time before purchasing it.

Guys, if you’re thinking of popping the question, doing on Valentines day is the perfect time to ask her to marry you. What could be more romantic than having a lovely candle lit dinner and then finding a unique way to give her that diamond ring? It will be a moment that she’ll treasure forever, not to mention the best ever Valentine gift. Getting a diamond ring online will probably save you a lot of money but you want to make sure you get it from a reputable online diamond manufacturer. Diamond Manufactures was established in 2007  with the dream to ‘Offer the Web’s Lowest Prices on Engagement Rings, Diamonds and Diamond Studs’. Since then they’ve been able to amass thousands of satisfied customers. Even if you’re not ready for that big step they have heaps of other great ideas for the perfect Valentine gift. Read the rest of this entry