Great Fathers Day Gift

A Great Fathers Day Gift Idea

In my last post for the best Fathers Day gift I looked after the DIY dad and talked about the Dewalt Cordless Drill. For todays post I’m going to look after Gadget Dad. The gadget I’m looking at today is completely different from the electric corkscrew but just as useful. Well almost  :tongue: The important thing is it will make for a great Fathers Day gift.

This post is about a flashlight, but not you’re everyday flashlight. Nope. This flashlight will blow all those other flashlights completely out of the ball park. I’m talking about the NITECORE Tiny Monster TM26 QuadRay 3500 Lumen Quad CREE XM-L LED flashlight. A bit of a mouthful isn’t it? But believe me this baby is a real beauty. Actually, it’s so much more than a flashlight, its more of a bloody spotlight, and a compact one too.

Yep, this flashlight is a real monster, but what makes it so special is that it really is a ‘tiny monster’ as can be seen from the image below. Read the rest of this entry

Why are you interested in the best Fathers Day gift? Because you love your dad right? If he’s anything like my dad, and I’m sure he is, he’s always been there when you needed him. At the time any advice he had given may not have sat well with you but in the end he was always right. Over time you learned that he always had your best interest at heart. Besides, you love him because he’s your dad. As to what makes the best Fathers Day gift, that all depends on what type of dad he is. This is where you need to become like a gift detective as I described in the post called How To Buy The Perfect Gift.

Naturally being your dad makes the job a hell of a lot easier than having to buy something for someone who you don’t know that well. Ask yourself, what sort of dad is he?

  • Is he a DIY dad.
  • Sporty dad
  • Gadget dad
  • A typical hobby dad
  • A Media Mogul
  • Trendy Dad

Once you’ve answered that question you half way to getting your dad the best Fathers Day Gift. For the purpose of this post we’re going to be looking at the best Fathers Day gift for your everyday DIY type of father. I’ll be discussing the other types of fathers in future posts.

Best Fathers Day Gift For The DIY Dad

I personally think that the best gift you can give a DIY dad is a cordless drill. Mine’s almost had its day and I know that’s what I would love as a Fathers Day gift. Cordless drills make jobs around the house so much easier, and the DEWALT DCD760KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion drill looks like it would do the job. Not as cheap as some you’ll find on the market but then at least you know it’s not going to fail him when he really needs it. Read the rest of this entry

This post will show you what makes the best wine connoisseur gift idea. Even though I’ve placed this post in the birthday category it would make an ideal gift for many occasions including Christmas and even an ideal fathers day gift. Heck, it would even make an ideal mothers day gift. Most people I know love a drink of wine with their meals and this is especially the case when they’re entertaining friends.

This being the case most of us have a conventional corkscrew which sometime can prove to be a pain in the ass. Which is why I was so exited when I received a Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew, Black. It’s a great corkscrew but not a particularly  good conversation piece. While that does make for a great wine connoisseur gift idea I’m going to recommend something that is a conversation piece, especially in this day and age of electronic gadgets.

Yep, you guessed it an electric corkscrew. There are a lot on the market too and at first I was thinking of the Peugeot Elis Electric Corkscrew which was one of the more expensive corkscrews and looked pretty cool. Unfortunately it came with a fair few negative reviews.

I then looked at the Oenophilia Vinomatico Rechargeable Corkscrew which was a lot cheaper and while it had more favourable reviews there wasn’t many of them. This lead me to believe that it was relatively new on the market and therefore hasn’t had time to get a true reading of how good, or bad, it really is.

Best Wine Connoisseur Gift Idea?

That was when I hit upon Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener which comes with a with Free Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and Stopper thereby making it the best wine connoisseur gift idea.

Wine Connoisseur Gift Idea

I chose this corkscrew as the ultimate Wine Connoisseur Gift Idea because it was reasonably priced and came with the best reviews. The way I look at it is if the majority of people love it then it must be a great product, and they’re the type that make perfect gift ideas. The following is an excerpt from Amazon so you can check out for yourself what makes it the perfect wine connoisseur gift idea. Read the rest of this entry