This next gift is for someone who loves to turn heads. This could be because he dresses really well or simply because he loves to stand out in the crowd. In a sense you could say he’s a bit of a trend setter. If that’s the case then I have the best gift for the trendsetter male in your life. This could be your father, who is still yound at heart, your brother, husband or even boyfriend. The best thing is although it looks fantastic it won’t send you broke.

I’m talking about a watch, but not your everyday watch. Nope, I’m talking about a Flud watch! Weird name isn’t it? But the guys at Flud are well known for designing stuff that make special gifts. Which I why I chose them for the best gift for the trendsetter. Just take a look at the image below.

Best Gift For The Trendsetter? A Flud Watch

best gift for the trendsetter


He could be as happy as the young guy presenting this fabulous looking watch, the Flud Men’s BBX005 Boombox Gold Retro LED Digital Watch. FLüD was established in 2007 by some trendy business oriented guys who want to reintroduce the humble watch as one of the ultimate fashion accessories. “Our goal is to create unique, fresh watches for the casual and street wear scene without the pretentiousness or price tag. Fresh style, nice price, it’s a simple formula. We could get more wordy, but it’s not what FLüD is about – it’s all about the watches.”

And watches is correct. They have many exceptionally trendy looking watches, the Flud Men’s BBX005 Boombox Gold Retro LED Digital Watch being just one of them. Don’t worry, I’ll paste some images, complete with links, of some of the other ones.

Like I said, this watch is a head turner. The person wearing it will stand out. I also makes for a great conversational piece. Heck, you may not want to wait to receive this as a gift and go out and get one yourself.  :cool:

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Here are some other great Flud watches that I promised you. All would fit in the best gift for the trendsetter category.


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