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In my last post I outlined some great Mothers Day Gift ideas but it’s pretty well impossible to tell you all the great Mothers Day gift ideas all in one post. If I did I’m sure you’d just get bored and wander off. Not to mention too many choices would confuse the hell out of everyone. Before I get to the crux of this post here is a great tip for Mothers Day. Take her out for lunch or dinner. After all, why should she have to go through all that cooking and cleaning on her special day.

If you’re from Adelaide I highly recommend Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar. I wrote a review about it and you can read all about it by clicking that link. If you’re not in Adelaide then I’m sure you can find a great local cafe or restaurant that your mum will love. Then imaging the look on her face after dinner when you present her with a Kindle Fire HD Tablet. As if the meal wasn’t enough,great mothers day gift idea this will really knock her socks off.

The Kindle Fire HD is different from the iPad that I wrote about in the post called Is An iPad A Good Gift For Your Aging Mother Or Father. The most important difference is that it is a lot easier to use and you’re not paying for all the bits and pieces that she probably will never use.

If she loves to read then this is definitely the gift for her. Not only can you adjust the font for her eyesight, the screen is designed so that it is easier to read than a book. Then there’s also the added benefit that she can download her favourite books and have them at her fingertips no matter where she goes. So much easier than having to carry all those books around with her.

I’ve imported some of the Kindle Fire HD specs from Amazon as well as some of the reviews so you can judge for yourself whether or not your mum will like it. I’m sure most mums will.

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