Rings For Valentines

This is my third Valentine Gift Ideas post. The first one was aimed at the ladies and the second one at the men. This post is all about giving rings for Valentines. After all, rings are a symbol of love and unity so why not  rings for valentine.

Rings For Valentines For Her

rings for valentineThe ring you see on the left (click to see a larger image and more information) is pretty unique. It’s the uniqueness that makes it a perfect ‘rings for Valentines gift idea.’ It’s a special sterling silver heart shaped birthstone ring! It has all the trimmings that make it the perfect gift for valentine.

You can personalise the ring by making sure it has her birthstone in it. Shows her you’ve given it a lot of thought. You may notice that the ring has room for placing 6 names on it but I see no reason why you can get some romantic sentimental message engraved on it instead. Why not let your imagination run wild?

Rings For Valentines For Him

rings for valentinesI’ve looked at a lot of rings for Valentines for blokes and I love the sterling silver gold plated one on the left. It seems I’m not the only one that likes it either going by some of the customer reviews.

They promise that the simulated diamond hybrid (0.8 Carat) is as bright as the real thing. I’m not sure about the other blokes out there but I don’t find the fact that its a synthetic diamond unappealing at all. What I like about it is that it’s quite a masculine looking ring. Hell, once you’ve given him the ring you could even drop the hint that there is a matching ring for you as well  ;)

Of course another option is to get a matching set of tailor made dragon inlay tungsten carbide rings. I know it says that they’re wedding rings but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t make the perfect Valentines gift. Heck, you can even have them engraved with a romantic message.

Over to you. Do you think these would make perfect Valentines gifts. What are you planning to give for Valentines?


Wukong JW018 Smart Band Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Activity

I did a post not so long ago on the Fitbit Charge HR and how it would make a great gift. I had a few mates telling me though that not everyone could afford to gift a Fitbit.

I understand that times are tough and that being the case I thought it would be a great idea to come up with some more affordable sports heart rate monitors.

Wukong JW018 Smart Band Bracelet

I was actually surprised at how many sports smart band bracelets that were reasonably priced on the market. I decided to show you the Wukong JW018 smart band bracelet because it had most of the features of my Fitbit Charge HR. These include…

  1. Heart rate monitor to track your heart rate during exercise
  2. No need to carry your smartphone during sports activities as it stores up to 7 days of information.
  3. All information is available on the bracelet including time, steps, heart rate, calories and status.
  4. Sleep mode
  5. Silent vibration reminders including any incoming calls. I love that my Fitbit shows me who is calling on my mobile and it looks like the Wukong JW018 Smart Band Bracelet has the same feature.  Thumbup:

It also shows a whole heap of stats. The only fault I could find is that it only holds a two day charge, my Fitbit lasts at least 4 days. Still, that shouldn’t be too much of a deterrent as it’s easily charged using the supplied USB charger.

The Wukong JW018 Smart Band Bracelet will connect to any Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone which means it would support iPhone and most androids.

I know you’re all wondering how much this baby will set you back. You can get the Wukong JW018 Smart Band Bracelet on eBay for a little over $54 or you can get one on AliExpress for a cool $32.75. I’ve already sold on the Gift Guru’s Gift Store so I can see this being a very popular item!

This link will take you straight to the Wukong JW018 Smart Band Bracelet at my gift store.

Do you happen to own a Wukong JW018 Smart Band Bracelet? If so I’d love it if you can tell us your experience.

Buying Gifts Online Tips

Buying gifts online can give the buyer great savings. Sites like Amazon, eBay and even The Gift Store, also offers customers a greater selection of product. Products they may not find in their local shops and department stores.

When buying gifts online there are certain factors buyers should be aware of.

Buying Gifts Online Tips

Buying Gifts Online Tips #1

Time is always a factor when buying gifts online. Always make sure you check how long it will take for your gifts to arrive and add on a couple of weeks for good measure. It’s better to have your gift come early rather than not getting it on time.

When buying gifts for Christmas and special occasions I always shop months in advance. I’d rather have the gifts arrive early rather than have the stress of wondering whether or not my gifts will arrive in time.

Buying Gifts Online Tips #2

Before actually buying your gift online you should always check customer reviews. Where possible I only post products that have good reviews to make it easier for you.  Thumbup:

While both eBay and AliExpress, which is where I get all my products for my Gift Store, are reputable online stores they can be prone to unscrupulous sellers who have no qualms about ripping off their customers. Both sires have introduced a customer feedback option to help buyers so they’re not scammed by these wankers.

It is important that you only purchase gifts from sellers with a good customer feedback rating. I never buy stuff from sellers who have a customer rating below 90%. It’s also a good idea to check any feedback on delivery times.

Buying Gifts Online Tips #3

Buying from established sellers is always a good idea. It’s a lot safer to buy from someone who has been around for years rather than someone who’s only just started selling stuff.

As long as you keep those tips in mind before purchasing any gifts online you should be relatively safe. If you have any other tips that will help gift buyers online shopping experience feel free to leave a comment.\